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Caravan Storage

Wexford Caravans can securely store your caravan year-round for a great low cost!! 

Our storage facility is located far out of sight of the road, and overlooked by staff homes. For your peace of mind (and ours!), we have a 24hour CCTV system throughout, with images both recorded and relayed 'live' to a monitor.

The single access entrance is double gated. Keys to these gates are never given out for any reason. If you wish to gain access to your caravan or take it out of storage, just contact us to arrange a time.



24hr colour CCTV


Great Low Prices!

Annual storage prices are calculated by the metre.

Caravans up to 7ft 6" wide = €30 per metre, per annum*;

Caravans over 7ft 6" wide = €35 per metre, per annum*.

*payable in advance.

Contact us to book your storage today!