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Between the kitchen area and the fixed bed is a clever little 3-part unit: the top section (*1) houses a TV, which can be swivelled to face the main room or the bed, or closed away out of sight altogether! Beneath is a shelf section (*2) and at the bottom a cupboard (*3) that is part of the kitchen storage. The shelves are open-plan by day, which lets more light through the whole living area (from the window beside the fixed bed) and adds to the feeling of space. However, at night, the shelves have a sliding panel which covers them, meeting up with the sliding door (*4) to fully divide the bedrooms from the main area!

Hobby 650 KFU-kitchen-closed





 The main bed is of course the fixed double. It has independently controlled reading lights and a good-sized window for night/day lighting. There are overhead lockers on 2 sides for storage, and larger cupboards on the third side. With a door at each end of the passageway, the central section of the Prestige becomes a cosy, private bedroom.

 Through the sliding door at the back of the caravan is a second bedroom containing the fixed bunk beds, with built-in ladder. The bunks each have a reading light, plenty of head room and a small window. There's a large drawer under the bottom bunk, a wardrobe to the right and several overhead lockers in this room.
At the foot end of the bunks is a dinette area comprising 2 single seats and a table. This converts to make another single bed, again with its own reading light and window.
With the sliding door to close the back bedroom off, it also doubles very well as a dressing room!

 The bathroom, situated opposite the kitchenette, has a built-in shower and plenty of lockers. It has a small skylight to let natural light in.